cartoonist, illustrator, cardiff

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Full colour collection of all the short comics I've ever done, published by GOOD COMICS.

"Human Garbage collects eight of Josh Hicks’ stories, covering work previously self-published and strips penned for Off Life and Dirty Rotten Comics, with many strips re-coloured and re-packaged exclusively for the collection along with brand new strips.

Along with painfully honest observations in the stories Body Conscious and Club, there are also satirical, witty magical realist strips Waste and Wake Up, and a pulpy detective throwback story, The Case of the Black Cat. This collection is a landmark work from a major new voice in British comics and a Broken Frontier Six to Watch artist."


"In the seven diverse strips that make up Human Garbage, Hicks asserts himself as a new and exciting creator. His love for genre, his self-deprecating sense of humour and his talent for satire are an excellent combination. Their brevity is never once to their detriment; they’re satisfying and self-contained." - Ink Mag

"Hicks has an instantly engaging cartooning style that is elegant in its accessibility but subtly shifts to suit the content of each short ... Human Garbage is the perfect showcase for this versatile new artist’s craft and imagination." - Broken Frontier